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The new Greenhopper Rapid Board uses the 'Epic Link' field to relate a story to an Epic. However, I like to directly edit the Epic while I am viewing a story in JIRA or edit it later on. Even I have add the 'Epic Link' to the create/edit issue screen. As some users do not always edit stories in GH Rapid board only. How to place existing Story Issues under an Epic Issue in Jira? Ask Question. Under Jira GreenHopper v6.0.6 there is a new feature. Using an old view, navigate to the story page. There should be a Epic Link field. Clicking on it and changing the value of it, should move story to the appropriate Epic. share improve this answer. This blog has a definition of epics in JIRA: Epics are significantly larger bodies of work. Epics are feature-level work that encompasses many user stories. Using the above example, an epic migh. Epic to story issues from Jira. I just added an Epic via Epic Link to a story that didn't previously have one and the Smartsheet for JIRA integration did properly detect that change and indent the corresponding issue appropriately in the sheet. I was using JIRA Cloud for my test. Note: today you can only get to this report via the associated Scrum board as there is no Epic Report on the Kanban board. The GreenHopper Team has a story on their backlog that will make this easier – vote on that. So, that’s one way of visualising epics and dependencies with JIRA and GreenHopper.

JIRA Agile Tutorial for managing Jira Projects effectively. Jira Agile Add-on supports the Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.Using Jira Agile boards and reports you can now plan and track all your Agile Project management tasks using one tool. More details. The fastest growing and highest rated story mapping app for Jira. Product Manager's and their teams use Easy Agile User Story Maps to transform their flat product backlogs to visualise the journey a customer takes with their product.

project = PROJ1 AND "Epic Link" = EPIC-123 AND issuetype = Story OR issuetype = Sub-task ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC But this only returns the stories. I think this is because JIRA reads this as "Retrieve sub-tasks for EPIC-123" which is 0 as opposed to "Retrieve sub-tasks for stories in EPIC. Jedes Epic, dem Vorgänge zugeordnet sind, wird nun als Schwimmbahn auf dem Kanban-Board angezeigt. Wenn Sie das Epic selbst ansehen möchten, öffnen Sie irgendeinen Vorgang im gewünschten Epic in einem neuen Browser-Tab also nicht in der Vorgangs-Detailansicht auf dem Board und klicken Sie dann auf das Epic Link-Feld im Vorgang. In a sense, stories and epics in agile are similar to stories and epics in film or literature. A story is one simple narrative; a series of related and interdependent stories makes up an epic. The same is true for your work management, where the completion of related stories leads to the completion of an epic.

Your Jira administrator will first need to configure fully reciprocal application links between your two Jira sites. To create a link to another Jira site: Open the issue that you want to link to. Click more ••• > Link > Jira Issue. Choose the relevant Jira site and the type of issue link.

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